Increase youtube views

increase youtube views

Version 7.1 Just released. (27 Jan 2013)

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Date: 29th Jul
From: Satyajeet Hattangadi

Most people looking for ways to drive traffic to their sites are being told that video sharing sites are a great way to drive traffic to their sites.



What you are not being told is that if nobody finds your video what good is that going to do for you?



"Ever wonder why the videos that the gurus post at youtube look like this..."




"And your sad little video looks like this..."





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Fact:Simply uploading your explainer videos Explainer Videowill not drive traffic to your site or increase youtube views

If you want your video to become popular you need to get it listed in any of these sections

1) Most Viewed



2) Top Rated ( based on number of votes)


3) Most Discussed ( Based on number of comments)








"Why A Basic Friend Adder Software
Will NOT Make Your Videos Popular Or Get You Youtube Views..."




A lot of people buy youtube friend adder software like tube toolbox thinking it is a youtube views increaser that this will make their videos popular, but this is far from the truth and I'll tell you why.

Youtube friend adder software available in the market lets you add friends and post comments on other peoples videos.


Now this is a great way to advertise your affiliate links and CPA offers, BUT not a great way to make your videos popular or increase youtube views

Sending friend invites gets people to your channel page, so yes you can push them affiliate offers and CPA offers via your channel page, but cant get them to increase your video views.


Sending private messages in most cases fails too as do you really think that messages like "Hey come see my videos" will convert?


NO Way!


"Time to get sneaky and do what the big boys do to increase youtube views, without having to buy youtube views..."


Presenting Tube Automator...

The Ultimate Youtube Bot!



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This youtube bot will

Let you post hundreds of votes on YOUR video

Lets you post hundreds of comments on YOUR video

Lets you get hundreds of users to subscribe to YOUR video


Doing this gets your video listed in


#1 The "Top Rated" Page


#2 The "Most discussed" Page

These are the pages that most people visiting youtube visit, so your video will be viewed by a large number of people

And increased youtube views = more traffic to your site

: Posting comments on other peoples in order to boost your video popularity is a waste of time, post to YOUR OWN VIDEO... (however posting to other peoples videos to send them to affiliate offers is a great way to make money.. more explained below.. read on...)


"Damn, so that's how the gurus get their
videos so popular, was the first thought
that came to my mind when I saw your
tube toolbox.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Satya.

As always a brilliant software that
increases youtube views Great Job"
-Chris Del Rossi




Gets your video  featured on the "Top Rated" and "Most "Discussed pages" at youtube

Once your video appears on these pages, it gets a large number of page views which makes it appear in the "Most Viewed" section automatically which will increase youtube views without having to buy youtube views

Ability to post at random intervals to make it look like real people have posted and voted
 Supports multiple random proxies to make posts look like they came from visitors across the world
Built in comment scraper that lets you scrape comments from other Youtube vidoes to post in your own
Built in username availability checker gives you the option to use your own usernames OR generates random user names for you if you choose so
Multithreaded comment blaster with account rotation that lets you blast your comments to other peoples videos to advertise your site or product
Multithreaded Youtube Friend Adder and Private Message Sender with account rotation that lets you blast your comments to other peoples videos to advertise your site or product
Appends random comment snippets to your comment to avoid duplicate comment filters


Click Image to view demo


"Tube Automator Is
Short-Cut To Increase Youtube Views
Based On The Simple, Yet Effective Methodology
That Is Making The Gurus A Nice Pile of Cash"


Once you use Tube Automator to post hundreds of votes and comments to your video, it gets listed in the top spots in these categories.

This leads to even more page views that can land your video on the homepage at YouTube, which means an avalanche of traffic to your site!



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"Satya, The make money from youtube guide, included with your youtube bot, Tube automator is worth many times more than what you are charging. In fact it could have been sold separately for at least $97.


Thanks for choosing me as your beta tester and I'm glad to report that my video just crossed 10,000 views on youtube thanks to your amazing tube  tolbox software.

Before this I had to buy youtube views, but now I have a secret weapon, thanks to you"


- Kelvin Chan




Ok! I hear ya... what's the point of making videos if you can't make money from them, right?

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Video Duration 8:05 minutes


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Please Note: This software is for Windows. Mac users will require a free windows emulator like wine bottler to run this. Click here for more information



Novasoft Inc



P.S. While you are sitting there thinking if this is what you need, others have already clicked the order button and are already on their way to generating tons of traffic to their sites on autopilot and increase youtube views with this tube toolbox like youtube views increaser.
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