Tube Automator Main Interface

This interface is what you would use to make your video popular by adding comments, likes and subscriptions to your video


Proxy Settings

This is where you enter your proxies. Tube Automator supports both public as well as private proxies



Name Checker

This is where you can check if the usernames that you want are available at youtube. The software also generates random usernames


Live Account Checker

The software includes an account checker to weed out accounts that are inactive or have been suspended



Comment Scraper

The software is able to gather comments from other videos. You can use these comments while posting comments to your own videos



Channel Scraper

The software is able to gather all the users who have commented on every video posted by a channel. You can send messages or add these people as contacts


Advertise On Other Peoples Videos

The software posts your advertisement on thousands of related videos as comments


Add Contacts and Message Users

The software adds thousands of users as contacts who you can message later
















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