So what do we mean by targeting. It simply means collecting the usernames of people on youtube who you want to either market to, or whose help you need to get your videos popular.Once you have collected users, you can perform automated tasks such as sending them messages and adding them as contacts.

There are 2 main ways in which you can collect user names.


1. From A channel:

Whatever niche you may be in, whether you are a musician/band or a person who is selling affiliate products from clickbank, you still have one thing in common. And that this is there will always be a large number of users in your niche who are more popular than you. Channel owners who are celebrities in their own right.

Now the people who comment on the videos that have been posted by the channel owner are folk who are definitely interested in your niche and thus make perfect leads either to market to.

For example if you are a upcoming rock band, how cool would it be to be able to contact every single user who has commented on U2's channel. Or if you are a person selling an ebook on "how to improve your golf swing", imagine the power to be able to contact every single person who has commented on Tiger Wood's channel.

The "Scrape Channel Commentors" option of Tube Automator does just that. Simple enter the name of the channel and Tube Automator will visit each video in that channel and collect the user names of all the people who commented on those videos. After that process it will delete the duplicates as there is always a chance that the same person may have commented more than once on a video, or have commented on more than one video.

Once its collected these user names, you can then market to them


2: Based On A Keyword:

In this option, you can collect users based on a keyword. Here you enter a keyword and Tube Automator will then search for all videos that show up on youtube for that particular keyword and then collect all the people who have commented on those videos. Once you have those user names you can then either add them as contacts or message them





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