The real 'power' in Tube Automator lies in its ability to automate tasks. For example, you can set Tube Automator to post your advertisements on thousands of videos related to your niche all night long, while you're asleep or even on vacation

Automated Tasks

1. Getting Likes, Comments and Subscribes on Your Video:

This is suitable for people who are trying to make their own video look popular in the eyes of youtube.

Tube Automator uses thousands of accounts to post likes, comments and subscribe to your channel. This makes your video seem to be very popular in the eyes of youtube and this ranks higher in its search and even on Google.

A video with only views and no likes, subscibers and comments would seem very fake. Using this feature you can make your video look very popular.



2. Adding Contacts and Messaging:

Tube Automator can in an automated fashion add contacts and message them. You can either use the channel scraper to gather all people who have commented on all the videos from a particular channel or gather users by keyword and then add those users as your contact and send them messages

The software uses 10 accounts at a time to add contacts and send messages. This is what multithreaded means. Other software in the market use an inbuilt browser to perform these tasks, due to which only one youtube account can be used to add contacts and message. Browser based software are very low tech.

Since Tube Automator is multithreaded it uses 10 youtube accounts at a time, and so is blazing fast.

If at anytime any of these accounts hits youtube hourly limits, then that account is put to sleep and a new one is allocated its place.

So as long as there are accounts available, Tube Automator will continue to add contacts and message.

When all the accounts get time blocked, the software will wait till they "sit out" the time bar and then resumes from where it paused.

So you never have to intervene manually in any manner.


3. Automated Advertising On Targeted Videos

This is one feature that affiliate marketers and Internet marketer who sell their own product/ service absolutely love.

You Tube has thousands of videos that are posted on different subjects and niches every hour.

Now say for example you are selling a DVD course on "How to improve your golf swing" and are looking for people who you can advertise your product to.

Youtube is a gold mine of targeted buyers who will definitely be interested in your product.

So what you would do is use Tube Automator to find all videos based on keyword related to the main keyword in the above example which would be "Golf"

So you would search for all videos for the keyword "Golf" or "Improve Golf Swing" etc

Once Tube Automator has gathered all those videos, you simply type in your ad with the URL you want to advertise and let Tube Automator do its magic.

Tube Automator will now visit each of these videos and post your advertisement as a comment.

The "append scraped comments" feature will make sure that your comment seems unique on each video and thus try and avoid getting auto flagged as spam.

People who are interested in Golf will search for these videos and will come across your comment and visit your URL, which equals free targeted prospective customers!



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